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Vegan Leather Jewelry Box

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Do you value your jewelry and want a safe place to store it? Need a box that can hold your entire jewelry collection in one place? Are you tired of your jewelry getting tangled or lost and want to save time?

This Leather Jewelry box is certainly the storage that will change your daily life. Designed by jewelry lovers to make your life better, it is made so that you will enjoy Storing your Jewelry.

Enhance the charm and value of your precious jewelry with this remarkable Jewelry Box made of vegan Leather and featuring a subtle velvet scratch resistant interior. Its Large Storage Space is capable of holding your entire jewelry collection. Under the lid, the hooks are ideal for hanging your necklaces and pendants.

The removable tray will hold your rings and bracelets separately. Finally, the large compartments at the bottom are perfect for your large jewelry. They ensure the protection of your jewelry and avoid their wear. A velvet jewelry box designed for women who have a large collection of jewelry to organize carefully.

Thanks to the storage compartments, all your jewelry can be arranged separately from each other. This will save you from having to untangle your jewelry so you don't waste your time. You will be able to enjoy the incredible softness of the velvet interior of this Jewelry Box to avoid wear and tear of your jewelry. Moreover, when the box is closed, your jewelry will be protected from dust and oxidation. Nothing can take away the shine from your little treasures. Discreet and elegant, this Storage Box will serve you every day to take care of the jewelry you love. Whether your jewelry is silver, costume or gold, its brilliance and purity will remain unchanged for years to come. An essential storage for women that also plays the role of a decorative object. You can display your little treasures on your dressing table or on your bedroom dresser.

  • Item Width: 18cm
  • Item Length: 26cm
  • Item Diameter: 18cm
  • Item Weight: 1100g
  • Material: Leather
  • Item Height: 8cm