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Wooden Jewelry Box


Our wooden jewelry boxes are actually real decorative pieces with a sleek and elegant design. If you have a beautiful collection of jewelry that you want to protect or organize, but above all you want to enhance and showcase, then a Wooden Jewelry Box is definitely what you need to look for.

No more stress, the wide variety of wooden boxes available on our website allows you to find the one that will suit the collector that you are! Your small pearl earrings and creoles will find the perfect place in one of the storage drawers. Thin rings or thick rings also have their dedicated storage. It's impossible for them to clash or rub against each other once they're put away. And don't worry, even your finest necklaces and chains will be safe from knots thanks to the suspension systems specially designed for them! You'll have no excuse not to take care of your jewelry. For those who like to have a view on their finery, some boxes are openwork, a subtle agreement between utility and aestheticism. This is especially true since many of these boxes could serve as a real decorative object on a chest of drawers or a shelf.

Gentlemen, at Marvelous Box, you are not left out and if you are also lovers of jewelry and particularly watches (do not make us believe that it is not the case). You are spoilt for choice! Among the wood collection, there is a box that stands out for you. Made of authentic wood, this openwork box with five small velvet cushions will give your watches all the comfort and protection they deserve. Openworked, you'll only have to look around to see if the one you're looking for is there. It's also a very delicate way to present your most beautiful collection to your guests.


  • The elegance and sturdiness of Wooden Jewelry Boxes

It would be very wise for you to rely on wood to preserve your jewelry. A natural material that has always been used for many types of construction, wood seduces by its solidity and its versatility. The most eco-friendly among us appreciate wood for its renewable and biodegradable aspect which gives it a good environmental performance. If it is known not to appreciate water too much, it will nevertheless be perfect to preserve jewelry, fine stones and other bracelets and necklaces from humidity. Recognized as a noble material, we love it for its aesthetics and originality. Indeed, it is almost impossible that two pieces of wood, even from the same tree, can be perfectly identical. The grain of the wood varies to give each object a true uniqueness. Did you know that wood has a better strength-to-weight ratio than concrete or steel? Another good reason to store your most extravagant ornaments in our solid wood or real wood jewelry boxes, security guaranteed!

Contrary to what you might think, this material is also more resistant to combustion. And yes ladies, to imagine that wood burns like a match is a preconceived idea. All these advantages make wooden jewelry boxes and cases very good cases.

  • Solide Wooden Box

Noble and sophisticated, Solid Wood jewelry Box will be no less practical. Considered as luxurious objects, they welcome according to their size rings, earrings, bracelets or your pearls and diamonds.

Solid wood comes directly from the tree without any transformation. In its natural form, it is cut into rough planks, then worked by hand and assembled using carpentry techniques. A true cabinetmaking product, you will find in our catalog boxes made of oak or rosewood for the most precious objects.

Solid wood boxes will have a higher purchase cost depending on the type of wood used, but their specificities give them a considerable advantage over other types of storage. Solid wood structures have the particularity of being very robust allowing them a long lasting resistance. In addition, it will be very easy to change small hardware parts such as your hinges or the lock of your object.

  • Composite Wooden Jewelry Box or (MDF)

More affordable, but just as elegant, the jewelry boxes made of MDF or composite wood, have the same characteristics as their big sisters.

Wood composite is the result of a more or less complex transformation. The raw wood is reduced to chips before being combined with a glue. Placed in a mold, it is compressed and then slowly dried to obtain regular boards. Assembled with traditional techniques, MDF or chipboard boxes are extremely strong. Their main drawback is aesthetics, which is why our boxes have a high quality finish.

  • The Wooden Jewelry Box as a decorative object

Noble and natural, the wooden jewelry boxes bring a decorative note to your home. They all have a variety of finishes to suit the tastes of women, men and children. Make them come alive by filling them with all your little treasures, they are usually lined with velvet and equipped with compartments suitable for all your collections.

No one will be able to remain insensitive in front of the carved or engraved floral motifs of your little wooden chest of drawers. Or the superb marquetry of your luxurious Vintage Wooden Jewelry Box. Define the object that best suits your needs and will bring elegance to your home.



Wooden jewelry boxes are the favorites of our team, for many reasons! First of all, wood is a noble and durable material, so you can be sure that your wooden jewelry box will last through the years without getting old. Very often our wooden jewelry boxes are large models. Some of them have dedicated compartments to store watches (the cushions are then provided): practical if you have many timepieces. Some of these boxes are also real showcases for your collection: the openwork Plexiglas lid allows you to admire your favorite bracelets, rings and necklaces without fear of damaging them.
In this collection, you will find both modern wooden jewelry boxes and some in unfinished wood. You'll also find more sophisticated creations with mirrors and lots of drawers. The classics of this collection are the Asian jewelry boxes in lacquered wood for the purists of the genre. Different shapes are also available, whether rectangular or square boxes.

In short, this is a great gift idea to give for any occasion or to give to yourself! Wooden jewelry boxes are perfect if you're looking for a chic and elegant piece to store your favorite rings and necklaces.