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Wooden Jewelry Box

Nothing is prettier than a small wooden jewelry box to keep your collections safe and perfectly organized. Explore our selection of Wooden Jewelry Boxes and choose the one that will keep the jewels of the whole family.

Our Wooden Jewelry Box

We are delighted that you are looking for a Wooden Jewelry Box, and therefore we are going to deliver you some tips to select the ideal Jewelry Box that matches your expectations.

Indeed, it is not always easy to find the right choice with all the brands existing on the market. In general, we are all fond of displaying our most beautiful jewels during receptions, parties and other celebrations of all kinds.



A wooden box can keep a large quantity of jewels by preserving them efficiently from oxidation. Wood is your best ally to protect all your favorite beauty accessories. Indeed, did you know that organic materials have the property of letting a filtered air flow to guarantee the splendor of your jewels. Wood is also a durable material over time. Easy to maintain, it doesn't fade with time and restoring its liveliness and shine will be a breeze for any of you.



Noble and sophisticated, your solid wood jewelry box will be no less practical. Considered as luxurious objects, they welcome according to their size rings, earrings, bracelets or your pearls and diamonds.

Solid wood comes directly from the tree without any transformation. In its natural form, it is cut into rough planks, then worked by hand and assembled using carpentry techniques. A true cabinetmaking product, you will find in our catalog boxes made of oak or rosewood for the most precious objects.

Solid wood boxes will have a higher purchase cost depending on the type of wood used, but their specificities give them a considerable advantage over other types of storage. Solid wood structures have the particularity of being very robust allowing them a long lasting resistance. In addition, it will be very easy to change small hardware parts such as your hinges or the lock of your object.

  • Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) OR COMPOSITE WOOD BOX.

More affordable, but just as elegant, the jewelry boxes made of MDF or composite wood, have the same characteristics as their big sisters.

Wood composite is the result of a more or less complex transformation. The raw wood is reduced to chips before being combined with a glue. Placed in a mold, it is compressed and then slowly dried to obtain regular boards. Assembled with traditional techniques, mdf or chipboard boxes are extremely strong. Their main drawback is aesthetics, which is why our boxes have a high quality finish.



Noble and natural, the wooden jewelry boxes bring a decorative note to your home. They all have a variety of finishes to suit the tastes of women, men and children. Make them come alive by filling them with all your little treasures, they are usually lined with velvet and equipped with compartments suitable for all your collections.

No one will be able to remain insensitive in front of the carved or engraved floral motifs of your little wooden chest of drawers. Or the superb marquetry of your luxurious rosewood chest. Define the object that best suits your needs and will bring elegance to your home.

But how to find the ideal box to protect these beautiful jewels when we do not use them?

Choosing your wooden jewelry box

First of all, it is important that you determine the number of Jewelry pieces you have in order to know the size of the box you will need. Moreover, the type of jewelry is important because if you have many rings then some boxes will be more suitable than others. Do not hesitate to make a written list by putting point by point each jewel that it is your bracelets, your necklaces, your earrings, your pendants or your rings.

Then, it is important that you know how you are going to use this Jewelry Box, this will allow you to choose an adequate material. For example, if this box is intended to remain stationary then choosing a Wooden Jewelry Box will be relevant is welcome. This way you can easily know if this box will be placed on a chest of drawers, a small jewelry cabinet, a small table or on a particular storage unit.

A criterion to take into account is obviously the person for whom this Storage Box is intended. Indeed, a purple box will surely be more adapted to a girl even if you should not take this advice at face value since a boy might like this type of color. On the other hand, a midnight blue box might be more suitable for a boy. Also, if this box is aimed at a young audience then a small jewelry box will be more suitable.

Choosing a jewelry box is not necessarily only for the aesthetic aspect or to protect your jewelry. Have you ever been looking for a particular piece of jewelry without finding it? In this case, jewelry boxes will also allow you to organize your daily life if you have many pieces of jewelry. Turning to a jewelry holder can also be a great idea.

The quality of the wood is also a factor to consider. To get the ideal solid wood look over the long term, a little maintenance will never hurt and it will keep the wooden box sparkling and full of life.

A varied selection

In this collection you will find both modern Jewelry Boxes in Wood and some in raw wood without varnish. You'll also find more sophisticated creations with mirrors and numerous drawers. The classics of this collection are the Asian jewelry boxes in lacquered wood for the purists of the genre. Different shapes are also available, whether rectangular or square boxes.

It is also possible to go to a jewelry store to ask a jeweler for advice on storing certain types of material. This will depend on whether you are using a fancy or classic creation with a precious or semi-precious stone such as aquamarine.

A nice jewelry box is also a great gift idea for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or any special occasion.