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Vintage Wooden Jewelry Box

You are looking for a Vintage Wooden Jewelry Box? Indeed, it is not always easy to find your choice with all the brands existing on the market. We are delighted to provide you with some tips and information to help you select the ideal vintage jewelry box that meets your expectations.


Vintage is making a comeback and is becoming a real trend on the catwalk. Nostalgia of the past time, who says vintage says old pieces, but not only, this trend is also found in the new collections of wooden jewelry boxes.
When we talk about a Vintage Wooden Jewelry Box, we often refer to the style of the 30s to 80s or even the 90s. This trend is also synonymous with quality, durability and timelessness. Today, by extension, vintage refers to old, but also modern pieces that evoke these past years. There is a search for individuality of the piece that will stand out.
The designers at Marvelous Box have no shortage of ideas to pay homage to the old and create a collection of wooden jewelry boxes inspired by the past with a retro and authentic look. A vintage inspired wooden jewelry box has even become a cultural marker. This trend of mixing modern style with old allows us to create a trendy and unique style.


1- Vintage wooden jewelry box: Unique style

When we buy a vintage jewelry box, we find unique pieces, pieces that we will not see on everyone, for sure! You can create a unique style, 100% your own, that others will find hard to copy.
That's what's nice about vintage, we hunt and find rare pearls. By searching, we find unique jewelry boxes that fall perfectly, colors and prints that are really rare, unusual and sometimes surprising.
Buying a vintage piece is the opposite approach, you are looking for something timeless, unique. This is one of the big advantages of vintage, its authenticity and uniqueness that everyone is looking for in building a vintage style.

2-Wood vintage jewelry box: Quality pieces

In addition to having a unique style, the vintage wooden jewelry boxes are of very good quality, the shaping is more worked, the techniques and seams are deferent.
The vintage wood jewelry box is particularly recommended. Well treated, it prevents the accumulation of humidity and offers a good insulation. Moreover, its aesthetics is particularly beautiful and rich with a large number of nuances depending on the type of wood.

3- Vintage jewelry box made of wood: An ecological and sustainable material

A wooden jewelry box makes it easy to store jewelry and other accessories on a daily basis. The advantage is that the box is made of a totally ecological material. Its manufacture also does not require much energy compared to other materials of which other models are made. Meanwhile, it is a renewable material. The wooden box is also durable. It can last from year to year or even centuries with a good maintenance.

4- Vintage wooden jewelry box: A noble and aesthetic box

The particularity of a wooden jewelry box is that it is an original and noble box. The value of the box does not decrease even after years of use. Its particular aesthetic, a little vintage and a little classic makes it a box that can blend in with any decor. It can even be used as a decoration for any room, be it a bedroom, bathroom, or other.

5- Wooden vintage jewelry box: Choice of shapes and excellent finish

A vintage wood jewelry Case is often the work of a craftsman. Sometimes it is also made in a factory. But in any case, the box usually adopts a beautiful finish. It is possible to varnish, wax, stain, etc. It is possible to inscribe engravings or artistic designs. Wood remains a material that can be easily worked and modulated.


First of all, it is important that you determine the number of jewels that you have in order to know the size of the box that you will need. Also, the type of jewelry is important because if you have many rings then some boxes will be more suitable than others. Do not hesitate to make a written list by putting point by point each jewel that it is your bracelets, your necklaces, your earrings, your pendants or your rings.

Then, it is important that you know how you are going to use this jewelry box, this will allow you to choose an adequate material. For example, if this box is intended to remain stationary then choosing a wooden jewelry box will be relevant is welcome. This way you can easily know if this box will be placed on a chest of drawers, a small jewelry cabinet, a small table or on a particular storage unit.

A criterion to take into account is obviously the person for whom this storage box is intended. Indeed, a purple box will surely be more adapted to a girl even if you should not take this advice at face value since a boy might like this type of color. On the other hand, a midnight blue box might be more suitable for a boy. Also, if this box is aimed at a young audience then a small jewelry box will be more suitable.

Choosing a jewelry box is not necessarily only for the aesthetic aspect or to protect your jewelry. Have you ever been looking for a particular piece of jewelry without finding it? In this case, jewelry boxes will also allow you to organize your daily life if you have many pieces of jewelry. Turning to a Glass Jewelry Box can also be a great idea.

The quality of the wood is also a factor to consider. To get the ideal solid wood look in the long run, a little maintenance will never hurt and it will keep the wooden box sparkling and full of life.

Following these characteristics, it is possible to find a Vintage Wooden Jewelry Case in different forms. There are stacked boxes, there are round jewelry boxes, square jewelry boxes, etc.. The same goes for the dimensions. It is possible to find a box according to the size you are looking for. There are even models that can fit in a pouch for example.

The characteristics of the Vintage Wooden Jewelry Box make it a very popular item. The box is ecological, aesthetic, durable, well presented and available in many shapes.