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Wooden Jewelry storage

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  • Hooks to hang pearl necklaces and compartments to organize rings, earrings or bracelets.
  • Handcrafted and beautifully finished for this storage box with enormous aesthetic powers.
  • Your jewels are finally protected and ideally gathered in a single space.
  • The case is entirely covered with soft velvet to prevent the risk of shocks and scratches.
  • Very robust, it will preserve your jewels with softness and grace.


Marvelous Box transports you to the magical realm of high quality jewelry boxes. In our store we offer a wide selection of jewelry boxes made of wood, vegan leather, glass and other materials. Each of these design methods has different properties, but all of them allow you to position your goods in an optimal way.



The imitation leather is a perfect material for the design of storage boxes. In fact, we use a material called vegan. It is in fact a plastic material with ideal characteristics for making boxes. To begin with, it is very solid and obviously waterproof, which gives it a formidable longevity. Vegan leather also allows you to make boxes with a unique style. They will prove to be extremely decorative in black or brown leather. You will certainly select those in mother of pearl or multicolored colors. As you can see, leather allows for a great deal of creative freedom to create small cabinets with a unique style.

For the compartments, the leather jewelry boxes have all the space needed for your beauty accessories. Compartmentalized they are often equipped with drawers that can hold larger objects such as bracelets. You can also find removable trays to facilitate the sometimes complicated storage of small accessories. It is an ideal gift for all occasions. Wedding, birthday, communion, mother's day, the box is that surprise that will please women as well as the smallest. Find in our collections the very first box to provide your little girl and she stores her costume jewelry.

This material also allows you to make accessories very easy to move. The travel jewelry case is an essential accessory for globetrotters as it offers ultra optimized compartments and snaps or zippers for the security of your accessories.


Wooden jewelry boxes also have wonderful features. Our wooden boxes are for a good number built in an artisanal way. Wood is a material that allows air to pass through, preventing the tarnishing of your most brilliant jewelry collection. It is the ultimate material to preserve your little treasures so that they keep their shine. The wood will be a very solid element giving objects that can go through decades. Equipped with stainless steel hardware, a small cabinet is a high standard object.

Wood will be a material with an immense ornamental potential. Depending on the type of wood used, you can obtain a box with a clear raw wood or a natural type of wood that is not ornamented, ideal for those who like creative hobbies. Boxes in the Asian style carved or others with small pearly pieces that will offer a splendid stamp to your interior. All styles are available, an ethnic storage box or aged wood with rosewood or marquetry. Here we have a wide choice of products. Some modular boxes allow you to define beauty corners. In a few minutes your jewelry cabinet becomes a dressing table where you have the possibility to have all your accessories at your disposal in order to make yourself pretty. At Marvelous Box we care about the environment, that's why a large quantity of our products are created with wood from certified forests.