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Old Fashioned Jewelry Box

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It's time for you to discover an enticing treasure from our extensive line the Old Fashioned Jewelry Box.

Entirely cast from solid metal alloy and hand polished, this Vintage Jewelry Box is an unparalleled and sturdy decorative piece to transcend both your collection of precious items and your bedroom.

Our Old Fashioned Jewelry Box, more than a simple case for your jewelry, a true asset of ancient art.

First and foremost, the basic attribute that one expects when choosing a jewelry box is its functionality.
Still, if you feel seduced while admiring this beautiful metal object, it indicates that you are both looking for an antique jewelry storage with elegance and character. Look no further! This Old Fashioned Jewelry Box is for you.

An Old Fashioned Jewelry Box designed for storage, filled with qualities to protect your jewelry pieces

Indeed, because of its internal lining completely lined with glossy velvet, the Old Fashioned Jewelry Box is the perfect ally for your jewels, offering them a lovely cozy case, very delicate to the touch.

The Old Fashioned Jewelry Box can accommodate all sizes of jewels, meeting their various needs.

No more damaged silver wedding rings, soft pads fill a convenient storage space so you can catalog them for peace of mind.
Your rings and necklaces will have their own space thanks to its rectangular compartments that can be fully adjusted. Your fine chains can very well fit in the enclaves provided for this purpose.

  • Hand assembled and hand painted.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Interior lined with fluffy velvet to create a cozy case for your jewelry.
  • Latch closure with the option of securing it with a padlock.
  • Internal lining: Microfiber velvet
  • Dimensions: L 18,5 cm x W 14,5 cm x H 8,5 cm