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Antique Glass Jewelry Box

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Discover our Antique Glass Jewelry Box with its clear Vintage beveled glass touch for trinket keepsake display

A decorative Antique Glass Jewelry Box for displaying and storing keepsakes, trinkets and treasures.
Features a hinged lid, decorative feet and a chain inside to support the top when open.
At Marvelous Box we always offer quality, that's why we waxed The metal trim and solder on this glass box to keep it beautiful for years to come.
Fits perfectly on your vanity or dresser and perfect for your jewelry, keepsakes and accessories. Clear glass to give the contents a luxurious touch while displaying the items.

A unique and perfect gift for your mother, daughter, friend or as an addition to your own dressing table.

  • Material: glass
  • Color: clear
  • Size: 7.5 x 4 cm