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Vintage Jewelry Box


In this selection of vintage jewelry boxes, you will find several packs of models of different styles and sizes. We recommend that if you want to give a piece of jewelry as a gift and you want the box to be original and beautiful, buy one of these jewelry box models and you will pleasantly surprise the recipient of the gift.

Antique jewelry boxes are valuable pieces at home, which not only add a plus to personal organization, but could be the best option to complete your interior decoration. The best part is that there are many options today and you can choose the one that suits you best.

We offer many antique jewelry boxes, luxury, various styles so that in each room you can find the one that best suits your type of environment.

This old, vintage style of jewelry boxes is ideal for example in the rooms where you can store bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, watches and more, in gold and silver and in any material.

Similarly, antique wooden jewelry boxes are ideal for decorating a room in a rustic style, or even these table or mirror jewelry can decorate any room in a classic style, from the entrance hall of the house, to the living room and bedrooms.


Chinese, Japanese antique jewelry boxes or Oriental style jewelry boxes, in general, are pieces of great decorative value. Made of all kinds of materials, they can be box style or functional furniture style.

  • The trend is towards vintage jewelry

Our society is constantly confronted with novelty. Unless we live in a cave, we have all heard of programmed obsolescence. The field of jewelry is not left out and is also concerned by the phenomenon. Designers are constantly on the lookout for novelty. They are constantly imagining and creating new models and playing with different associations to keep up with the rapidly changing trends. We don't mind the novelty and creativity as long as it doesn't come at the expense of quality. On the contrary, what a joy it is to be able to constantly expand our jewelry collection. Among these treasures, there are some that stand out. Far from being new, vintage jewelry is fashionable precisely because it is old. These are appreciated like good vintages. Manufactured according to the rules of the art, with patience, know-how and quality materials, those that have been forgotten for a while are now in vogue!

  • Making something new out of something old

We love them for many reasons. There are medallions or antique cabochons, which have value by their origin. Often the result of an inheritance, a desire to transmit, it often happens that for generations, this jewel has crossed the decades without ever getting lost, carrying with it a whole part of the history and culture of an entire family, from the origins to the descendants. Imbued with character and almost magic, they are given immense value. Other jewels have less history, but are appreciated for their resistance and their quality. Their antique look, now very popular, increases their value even more. The craze is such that new jewelry is being designed with an aged look, simply to meet the growing demand of consumers. So how not to be fooled by these fake accessories?


To take advantage of the trend, some clever people have decided to make brand new jewelry look like an old object, hoping to fool us and take advantage of our naivety and our wallets. Don't be fooled, some characteristics are not deceiving. The gold of an old jewel often has a patinated aspect. The visual lets you imagine all the life it tells. Have you ever seen those retro medallions from the 1920's, with a black and white picture of a family or a past love? The gold is no longer sparkling, it has passed. However, this is what gives this necklace its charm.

We also find some rings set with precious or semi-precious stones, whose crystal has been damaged. Shocks, rubbing and other events have marked the jewel, which makes it perfectly unique and totally inimitable. These small visual and tactile criteria can put you on the right track.

This type of jewelry has a real soul and this soul lies in the experience of the object in question. To avoid being fooled, to find the retro jewelry of your dreams and to know everything about the story it tells, it is better to turn to professionals. There are several stores and websites specialized in the purchase and sale of this type of apparel. All objects are screened before being certified and by approaching these experts, you will only have to listen to the fascinating stories of the wonders that will be presented to you to make your choice.


When you own a piece of vintage jewelry, there is very little chance (if any) that it is not made of noble and therefore precious material. Sapphire, topaz, rubies and other emeralds set on gold or silver rings, there is no doubt that these treasures will need to be protected and pampered. What do you need for that? One of our vintage jewelry boxes, of course! Your white gold bracelets, pearls and pendants will be safe and sound in their comfortable boxes. Woe betide the woman who, not listening to the advice of her jeweler, leaves a vintage piece of jewelry unsecured, subject to dust and humidity, thus tarnishing its fabulous epic.

For those who don't like the idea of a jewelry box, you are free to choose a jewelry holder or another type of display as long as your jewelry is carefully stored. Nevertheless, jewelry boxes and cases remain the most suitable storage option for the care of your jewels. Made of glass, wood or other materials, these cases are ideally designed to take care of your most beautiful signet rings, wedding rings and other rings dear to your heart. Quartz watches and diamond necklaces will systematically find a small cozy compartment in which to nestle to avoid damage. Remember to choose a storage space adapted to the jewels that you will place in it. Indeed, if some small objects find a place easily, breastplates and large cuffs will require more space.

Marvelous Box offers a wide range of trendy jewelry boxes that will undoubtedly satisfy the most demanding among you. Original, classic, luxurious or even to take everywhere with you, each personality and each situation requires its box. If you are traveling, nothing is more practical than a Travel Jewelry Box. Isn't it fun to be able to keep your old jewelry in a box of the same look to use a past story to tell a new one?

  • Store and preserve your most precious items in a chest

Traditionally, chests have been used for centuries to store all sorts of items of different sizes. If it is true that this type of storage is not the most organized way to store and classify our jewelry, it is because they do not contain dividers inside to separate them and avoid unnecessary friction (for this, you will find on our website other more efficient options if you want your jewelry, watches or bracelets to be perfectly organized). However, antique jewelry boxes are very trendy decorative elements that stand out for their simplicity and their recognizable elegant and classic style

So take a look and let yourself be tempted!