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Travel Jewelry Box

Traveling with your jewelry: the travel jewelry box accompanies you everywhere

What could be more unpleasant after a long journey to our vacation destination than having to rummage, in vain, in our suitcases, in search of our favorite jewels. To realize while slipping the hand in our bag that, necklaces, fine bracelets and other earrings during the journey are intermingled and form a whole, a little worrying. As your fellow travelers wait for you for dinner, you're in for a very long untangling time. At this point, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope nothing breaks!

Our jewelry is a bit like a part of us. We love them without half measures, and even if it would have been undoubtedly more reasonable to leave them at home the time of the vacations, out of question not to adorn ourselves with our most beautiful pieces during our stay! We do not envisage, to leave without them. However, we did not think of transporting them in an adapted box the time of our exploration. The travel jewelry box is a must-have for the transport of your most beautiful treasures. Small and light, it has many compartments to easily insert long necklaces, watches, precious rings and extravagant earrings in complete safety.

Carry your jewelry in a case adapted for an adventure

Just as your hygiene and beauty products are entitled to their own storage, why not also have one for your jewelry. If the biggest jewels can hardly get lost in the middle of your suitcase because they are so extravagant, your small silver rings and pearl earrings can easily disappear. Honestly, how many times have you said to yourself, "This will do." And how many times has that ended in failure! Having a dedicated travel jewelry box, specifically designed to be functional and take up as little space as possible is one of the smartest choices. If only in case you have decided to bring back a nice souvenir from your vacation destination.

A nice souvenir that looks like a small bracelet or a small necklace. What a disappointment to realize that it is already damaged when you return home, or worse, not found. These specially designed travel jewelry cases are a great way to bring your charms, necklaces and medallions safely and in a very organized way. It is one of the best ways to keep your precious objects during the different trips that lead you to your vacations without losing them in your luggage. So, go to the end of the world without any risk!

Find the right model of box to transport your jewelry

There are all kinds of boxes for every need! Compact travel jewelry boxes allow you to take with you about thirty pieces of jewelry and contain a space dedicated to each type of object. Your earrings will be secure and won't be lying around in a pocket, your necklaces won't get tangled and your bracelets will be safe. Small and practical, you can even slip it into a backpack and take it with you on the plane, so you'll be reassured!

For those who claim they don't have enough room in their luggage even for a small box, no more excuses. There is a flexible and functional travel jewelry pouch. This means that not only can you take your favorite gems on a weekend getaway, you can also slip them into your purse. For those ladies who couldn't choose from their jewelry and decided to take everything with them, don't worry, we've got you covered. The vanity case is a little less compact, however its storage capacity is therefore more important which will allow you to take everything without damaging anything.

And not to leave anyone behind, gentlemen, a beautiful ostrich leather case to carry your watches is also present on the site. So you see, there are several possibilities and alternatives to be able to travel with your jewelry, and to store it while traveling without it taking up too much space. In addition to offering several models adapted to different types of mopers and travelers, the choice is also great in terms of design. Round, square or rectangular, soft or hard, fabric or velvet interior, there is something for everyone in terms of shape and color choices.

Storing your jewelry while traveling to protect it

Jewelers will tell you: to preserve your jewels in a durable way, there is only one solution: store them carefully. Storing them carefully does not mean simply throwing them randomly into a box, one on top of the other, without any organization. Did you know that this is the best way for your precious objects to lose value? Small shocks and recurrent rubbings leave indelible marks, it would be a shame to have damaged your jewels more by trying to preserve them than by wearing them, don't you think? So think logically and methodically or invest in a jewelry box or jewelry holder. With a dedicated compartment and delicate interior, all you have to do is let yourself be guided.

To bring your most beautiful belongings on vacation and allow them to withstand the journey as well as to be neatly stored during your stay, the travel jewelry box is an essential, with undeniable assets. Zippers, snaps and other clasp systems prevent any risk of escape. The structures adapted to the storage of different pieces allow to overcome the headache of tangled jewelry. Practicality, comfort and design, we repeat, but the travel jewelry box is the ideal ally to carry your collections in your pack, the time of an escapade!