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Ring Holder

You don't wear your rings? The ring holders keep them for you!

Women and rings do not rhyme and yet it is difficult for one to go without the other. Emerald, ruby and diamond or costume jewelry, there is only the embarrassment of choice and the diversity allows only more eccentricity. We love it. But then, what happens when the time comes to put them away?

We can see you coming, yes you, who are used to putting your thin rings on the edge of the sink or on the top of your dresser. And who, one fine day, end up being angry at yourself for having left your jewelry lying around. If you chose the little tote bag on the bedside table, it's still not perfect, but it's already a good point for you. Chevalier, wedding ring, engagement ring or family jewelry, while they are often purely for decorative purposes, many have a sentimental purpose. When they are not worn on our fingers, our rings must be carefully preserved, jeweler's word.

The ring holder: your rings' best friend

To have a collection of rings of all kinds, whether they are gold-plated or stainless steel, set with a diamond or made of fimo clay, it is the foot. But the great thing about jewelry is that it's not up to us to adapt to them, but to them to reveal our personality. So anything goes! To preserve them and help them last over time by avoiding humidity and oxidation, they must be stored properly.

For that, there is an impressive variety of adapted storage. Far from the classic jewelry tree or busts and mannequins, there are a whole bunch of jewelry boxes with drawers and compartments, waterproof and airtight wooden jewelry boxes, velvet cases and other various and varied jewelry displays. Some of them can even be placed in your closet, and for those who are not attracted by the free-standing models, opt for the wall-mounted jewelry holder! The accumulation of storage is also very fashionable and the trend is found on social networks. These ladies showcase their many bowls, jewelry holders and other glass cases that keep beautiful sets and small treasures.

The ring holder, we love it for several reasons. Although a little less secure than its cousin the jewelry box, it is much more practical and can, in some cases, become a real asset for your decoration. Made of wood, metal, fabric and sometimes even ceramic or porcelain, this jewelry holder adapts to your interior. Bohemian or baroque trendy? No problem, it can be used in a thousand different ways. Equipped with hooks for necklaces, rings or earrings, it is sometimes associated with a dish. Some models even have storage drawers and a display case which we appreciate the transparent side! Who said that the ring holder did not preserve from dust and humidity? We just proved you wrong. You can now hang your earrings, hang your rings, preserve your beautiful golden ornaments and showcase your jewelry and gems with ease without fear of oxidation. Real organizers, your jewelry collection is well organized while remaining within reach, and we love that!

The ring holder, the perfect gift for lovers of beautiful objects

We almost forgot to mention that this holder is also ideal to carry your friend Zoé's beautiful jewelry, so when you don't know what to give, this storage is a sure value. With this, you can't go wrong, the only risk is that you will be asked for more! A woman who wears a ring will always need an accessory that allows her to store them, it's also true that one and one makes two, so go ahead and buy a ring holder!

At Marvelous Box, you'll be spoiled for choice and if you happen to be looking for a nice gift, take a look at our collection of jewelry holders. You will find them in all sizes and materials: choose according to your needs!