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Necklace Holder

The necklace holder: store your necklaces and decorate your space

Between your silver rings, fine bracelets, long necklaces, earrings, quartz watches and other precious jewels, it's not easy to find the right storage method to organize everything. For your necklaces, the ideal support is the necklace holder. It allows you to store them, but more specifically to hang them so that you always have them in sight and avoid your fine chains and precious medallions from getting tangled up. Every piece of your jewelry can be supported by a jewelry holder. With an accessory like this, there's no excuse for leaving your jewelry lying around in a little tote box on the nightstand or forgotten on top of your dresser. Browse Maison Scarlett and choose from a wide selection of trendy and ultra-functional necklace holders.

For each jewelry collection, an adapted jewelry storage

Who hasn't dreamed of it? A versatile jewelry rack, ideal for storing and organizing your necklaces while being so charming that it will proudly stand in your home to enhance your decor? Yes, yes, this is the essence of the necklace holder! With this jewelry holder specially designed for necklaces, no more long hours wasted untangling your precious pendants and silver chains, hoping very hard that they will all come out of this mishap unscathed. If you only had in mind the well known jewelry tree or the little mannequin with its four hooks at the top, you are far from it. Today, the necklace holder is declined in a thousand ways and becomes an excellent organizer. Whether it is made of metal, fabric, wood, ceramic or even porcelain, it is the ideal accessory to showcase your jewelry and protect it from the vagaries of life.

Ladies, saying that the tree jewelry holder does not protect from dust is no longer an option. Today, there are no more excuses not to crack. Like a bust that would highlight your most beautiful amulet, the necklace holder magnifies your beautiful jewelry, but is not satisfied with just one piece. Like a jewel box, all your jewelry is preciously preserved under glass, protected from dust and humidity. Associated with two drawers of arrangements, this support with jewels enables you to preserve absolutely all your parts. From signet rings to cufflinks and various rings, each object has its own dedicated space. Looking for a trendy jewelry storage that can also sublimate your decoration? We have that too. In this category, the necklace holder, with its delicate lines, the strength of the gold metal and its small storage dish, is a real decorative object as well as a way to store your jewelry collections in an original way. In a classic/chic or bohemian interior, it will make a strong impression.

Whichever display unit you choose, it must fit the accessories you own. There are many models of specific jewelry racks, but for a necklace, you should especially consider the type of hanging and the height of the structure. More space for a floor model? The wall-mounted model can save you a lot of space. Maybe you are one of those who don't want to show off your princess outfit? In this case, a Dressing Room Jewelry Holder, hanging on a hanger in your closet will satisfy you.

The necklace holder, the gift to give all year round

You will find on Maison Scarlett, all kinds of jewelry display stands capable of highlighting a pretty set. The jewelry holders offer simplicity and elegance while the jewelry box brings extra security. An excellent gift idea to offer or to offer yourself all year long, whatever the occasion. Young girls will be able to slip in their unicorn necklace and costume jewelry, men will keep their watches preciously in velvet cases and the ladies, all their treasures. The good idea of the moment? The multiplication of small cups to put your different necklaces and accessories that sublimate your chest. These small storage units will allow you to always have your jewelry within reach. And if you are looking for a gift idea for a bracelet lover, our collection of bracelet holders is made for you!