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Jewelry Holder

Jewelry Holder: combining the useful with the pleasant

The larger your jewelry collection, the more ingenious you'll have to be to store it. If you're one of the few (maybe even the only one) to have a very small jewelry store and you're able to make do with it, you'll probably never have to deal with the problem of storing your precious belongings. If not, you already know without a doubt what a headache it can be to find a solution that is both aesthetic and functional to store your array of precious stones, sparkling ornaments and other sentimental jewelry. You already know if you've made it this far, at Marvelous Box, we love jewelry boxes. For us, it's one of the most effective ways to protect our favorite accessories. But choosing a Jewelry Holder is also an (almost addictive) alternative to the boxes we know so well.

We say addictive, because the diversity of these small objects is such, that we quickly start to collect them almost as much as our jewelry. They are generally very trendy and can become a real decoration accessory. Our eye and face jewelry holders for example, are objects whose undeniable charm will undoubtedly sublimate the classicism of a chest of drawers. But a question arises in front of so much choice and diversity: how to choose a jewelry holder that is both aesthetic and practical?

Choosing a jewelry holder: some tips to help you

There are some criteria to take into account when choosing a jewelry holder. Aesthetics is not the only element that should determine your choice. Well, it's true that its appearance is already a criterion to consider. What is the point of buying a jewelry holder if it does not seduce us? The jewelry holder is used to store your jewelry, but it is important that it is also pleasing to the eye in order to show off your collection. So yes, we can say that the number one criterion will be aesthetics.

However, don't be too hasty and ask yourself some questions. For example: what kind of objects are you going to hang on it? Will it be only rings? Will you choose it to store your long necklaces and necklaces set in gold or rather your large gold steel cuffs? Some jewelry holders are not adapted to receive all types of earrings, you should know that. On the other hand, the weight of your precious accessories is also to be taken into account. Although they are generally designed to remain stable, if you put on an object that is too heavy and the weight is not well distributed, it is a sure fall.

So it's crucial to realize that your bohemian jewelry, your clock or your gold or silver engagement ring will not have the same needs as each other. To give you an idea, the jewelry dressing rack can accommodate all types of jewelry: long necklaces, costume rings or precious rings and even small earrings, without the risk of tipping over since it is itself suspended. However, it may not fit your entire collection. So the final criterion to identify is the number of bracelets, rings and other jewelry items you own. Don't worry, we have a solution even for incredibly crowded collections.

Necklace holders

As you can imagine, these are designed and manufactured to hang your necklaces in the most optimal way possible. Bye-bye necklaces and necklaces that will take a long time to unravel. Everything in its place, so that none of them will be damaged or clash. However, here again, there is an element that should not be overlooked. Imagine the case where your long necklace of more than 30 cm length would be hung on a support of hardly 15 cm height, you see where I come from?

The ring holders

For rings, it's a bit simpler, little chance of them getting tangled with another accessory and wasting time (and patience) undoing the problem. Here, many holders will do just fine. Place them in a pretty dish like the one in our cup jewelry holder or our deco jewelry holder. Why not store them with style on the trunk of our elephant ring holder? We love it! In short, hang them, place them, store them, do as you feel.

The earring holders

Our delicate pearls and diamonds deserve our full attention. These timeless and particularly precious jewels will be ideally stored away from the dust. For the others, you are again spoilt for choice. Depending on the clasps of your pairs of earrings, we offer several perfectly fitting earring holders. From dangling earrings to a small pair of hoop earrings, there's something for everyone. Your collection is huge? Choose several!

Bracelet holders

It is quite easy to choose a wristband. Neither too long nor too short, it can be hung or placed on a small dish. No problem of storage then. To enhance semi-precious stones or highlight your most beautiful bracelets, some displays have been specially created for. Have fun!

We have done a tour of the possibilities. Some displays are specialized and allow you to store a certain category of gems better than others, such as busts for example, which are the best choice when you want to showcase your breastplates, sapphires or diamond necklaces. Others on the other hand are versatile and make it possible to store many types of jewelry. Small clocks, leather watches or wristwatches will find a place there without any problem. Jewelry and jewelry, as we know, are precious and often sentimental.
and often sentimental, it is essential to take care of them. If it does not protect from dust, the jewelry holder has the advantage of avoiding any risk of friction or small shocks related to the contact of other jewelry. It remains a very reliable and aesthetic way to maintain and take care of your numerous jewels and princess outfit.