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jewelry box for women – wood

Women's jewelry boxes: the essential to protect our jewelry

Since the beginning of time, women have spent lavishly to adorn themselves with the most beautiful stones and ever more sparkling and elegant objects. Much more than a simple accessory, jewelry is a true jewel and beware of anyone who separates a woman from her wonderful ornaments! It's one thing to buy beautiful and luxurious pieces. Maintaining and protecting them so that they last is another. Jewelry professionals will tell you that in order for them to last as long as possible, it is essential to store them meticulously. What could be more appropriate then than a storage box specially designed for jewelry, capable of protecting them from humidity, oxidation, but also simply from loss? Depending on your needs and tastes, there is an incredible range of boxes, cases and other jewelry holders that will surely satisfy you!

Choosing a woman's jewelry box, the importance of storage

The choice is great! The shapes, there are from the simplest to the most complex. Minimalist boxes or boxes with multiple compartments, how to choose? Well ladies, if you are more of a collector, it would be quite amazing to only need one. Indeed, a jewelry box is not only chosen according to your tastes, the most judicious is to select it according to your appearances. Have you ever tried to store all your necklaces in one box without any organization? I'm sure those who have experienced the resulting situation will recognize themselves and know exactly what I mean!

It's impossible not to start a real untangling headache and worse, lose a few pieces in the process. Curses! So to properly store your jewelry, ladies and girls, choose your storage according to the objects in question. For long, thin necklaces, for example, the ideal would be to hang them one by one, thus avoiding any risk of twisting. A small jewelry box with drawers can also do the trick, as long as you only put one piece of jewelry in each compartment. For rings, it's a little simpler, you choose your organization. Thin earrings and bracelets also require a little thought about the structure of the box best suited to receive them. Always start from the very simple principle that the more you avoid bumps and little rubs between your jewelry, the more you preserve their value.

Tell me what material you wear, I'll tell you how to preserve it

The choice to properly store your jewelry can also be made based on its material. That's right! Costume jewelry is generally subject to high risks of oxidation. Humidity, air and dust can really accelerate the aging of your accessory. To extend the life of your piece, why not opt for a glass or even wooden jewelry box? Both of these materials are completely impervious to moisture and will protect them from dust.

Soft covers, ideal for travel

Are you going on a trip and would like to take your long necklaces, cuffs and other small delicate silver chains with you? For the more concerned woman, consider taking a pouch, box, case or anything else you deem suitable that includes a soft inner lining. Ideally, it will help you avoid too much shock and allow your jewelry collection to arrive at its destination without a hitch. A good closing system is also very important in this type of situation, it would not miss any more that one of your invaluable necklaces escapes before arriving at destination! At home, closing your jewelry box is not especially necessary, so the clasp factor will be more a matter of choice and taste, than a real functional need.

Offer a jewelry box to a woman, the good idea!

You hadn't thought about it? However, offering a jewelry box to a woman is an excellent idea and it is very often a gift that has a great effect! Even the most minimalist among them will usually have two or three small valuable objects that they will be delighted to be able to store and preserve like treasures. Sister, mother, sweetheart or very good friend, for all and for any occasion, offering a jewelry box is THE good idea. Know ladies, that offering gifts to yourself is also an excellent idea, after all, who better than you can know what you really need? We say that...

So you get it, choosing a good jewelry box designed to hold our precious gems, is no small task. Even if it works on impulse for many of us, the ideal is to strive to make a reasoned choice to be sure to offer our jewelry a small shelter as beautiful as suitable. It is obvious that the case, box or jewelry holder in question must seduce you visually, but it is even more important that it can preserve your bracelets and other pendants in the most optimal conditions possible. Depending on your tastes and needs, you can play with shapes, sizes and colors, but not only. Wooden jewelry boxes, in addition to being extremely functional, benefiting from an exceptional design thanks to this noble material, will also be great decorative allies, for example, while travel jewelry boxes will provide you with all the functionality and security you need in these cases.

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