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Vintage Heart Jewelry Box

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This Vintage Heart Jewelry Box combines undeniable craftsmanship and quality materials in a perfect balance.

This Vintage Heart Jewelry box is full of details inspired by the Marvelous Box universe. A marriage of gold metal and glass to give you exceptional storage. This storage box shows that it can be as precious as your jewelry. Store your jewelry collection perfectly and add a chic look to your decor.

Keep your most beautiful jewels in this Vintage heart-shaped glass jewelry box with a unique finish!
This Vintage Jewelry Box in the shape of a Heart will preserve your jewelry while displaying its beauty thanks to its transparency.
Choose the model that suits you best between the heart and the diamond. Their timeless design will showcase your jewelry pieces that will not go unnoticed.



  • Height: 5,1 cm
  • Length: 10,8 cm
  • Width: 10,6 cm

  • Height: 5,5 cm
  • Length: 14.2 cm
  • Width: 10 cm