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Red Envelope Leather Jewelry Box - Marvelous Box
Red Envelope Leather Jewelry Box - Marvelous Box
Red Envelope Leather Jewelry Box - Marvelous Box
Red Envelope Leather Jewelry Box - Marvelous Box
Red Envelope Leather Jewelry Box - Marvelous Box
Red Envelope Leather Jewelry Box - Marvelous Box

Red Envelope Leather Jewelry Box

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  • The Red Envelope Leather Jewelry Box will give you plenty of storage! It has 5 drawers and its sides contain spaces to hang your necklaces.


    Has this ever happened to you? You're getting ready to go out, and you're looking for a particular piece of jewelry. You look for it everywhere, but you can't remember where you put it. So you have to go without it and risk being late. This situation that happens to many women is very unpleasant and makes us lose a lot of time.

    In order to put an end to the mess and lost jewelry, we looked for a quick and easy way to find our jewelry as easily as possible. After trying a multitude of jewelry storage options, we found that the Red Enveloppe Leather Jewerly Box is definitely the most convenient and suitable storage to organize our jewelry collection.

    It has the following advantages:

    •  The jewels are protected from dust. 
    •  They do not get damaged thanks to the velvet compartiments. 
    • You can find them easily when you need them. 
    • Your necklaces and pendants no longer get tangled. 
    • You can store your entire jewelry collection in one place. 

    Other storage options such as jewelry racks or displays were decorative and showed off the jewelry, but they didn't make life easier and didn't protect the jewelry like a storage box does. To never again leave jewelry storage to chance, we have created innovative jewelry boxes that motivate us to store and care for our jewelry.

    This elegant and practical Red Enveloppe Leather Jewerly Box will give you the space you need to organize every piece of jewelry that is important to you. You won't have to worry about damaging or losing your little treasures. Each part of this Red Enveloppe Leather Jewerly Box contains compartments to separately store your rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even watches.

    Red Enveloppe Leather Jewerly Box equipped with storage space made for your precious jewelry

    The five drawers of this Red Enveloppe Leather Jewerly Box ensure easy access to your jewels. Plus, the large storage space will allow you to organize your entire collection. The sides of the box can be unfolded to hang your necklaces, pendants or long earrings. They won't get tangled up anymore and will always remain easily accessible. The top of the box has a large mirror and a floor dedicated to rings and bracelets. You can save time every day by keeping all your jewelry in the same box.

    The beauty of your jewelry will be preserved thanks to the exceptional softness of the velvet that lines the interior. Also very pleasant to the touch, the velvet protects your jewelry from oxidation and scratches.

    Brighter jewelry and easier oranization with this Red Enveloppe Leather Jewerly Box 

    Get rid of the clutter with a storage unit designed specifically for your jewelry. Its elegant and decorative style will amaze you every day while making your life easier. Whether given as a gift or simply as a treat, this beautiful box will truly change your life. This elegant Red color will showcase your remarkable ornaments. Place it on your dresser or vanity and simply admire your jewelry collection safely and neatly.

    • Very large box: 30 cm (length), 17 cm (width), 33 cm (height)
    • Necklaces and pendants: 16 compartments
    • Rings and earrings: 24 slots
    • Multiple compartments for cosmetics, costume jewelry, bracelets and watches
    • Side mirror
    • 5 removable drawers
    • Exterior material: leather with white stitching
    • Interior material: ultra soft velvet
    • Available colors: red