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Large Glass Jewelry Box

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 Store your most precious jewels, also your accessories thanks to the Large Glass Jewelry Box 

Organize your jewelry and your accessories: the Large Glass Jewelry Box breaks the usual codes of classic jewelry boxes, and for several reasons; first, it was designed so that you can store all your jewelry and your accessories. Secondly, it offers you an easy and practical access to your products and jewelry. Finally, it was made with materials that guarantee its solidity and elegance.

Customized storage: This Large Glass Jewelry Box offers a wide choice of storage for all your jewelry and accessories! Indeed, you can find compartments of different sizes. Five large compartmentalized drawers to store your earrings, your rings or even your bracelets, and finally it has two beautiful doors for your necklaces or your pendants.
This is the perfect jewelry box to place on your dressing table, as it is practical, stylish and easy to clean.

This Large Glass Jewelry Box has been handcrafted and we have selected the strongest and most aesthetic materials available. You will be able to contemplate your beautiful jewels with its mirror effect glass walls. Its glittery patterns give it a luxurious chic look.

  • Main material: Mirror effect glass
  • Secondary material : wood and velvet
  • Dimensions: Length: 20.5 cm, Width: 13 cm, Height: 25 cm
  • Four large compartmentalized drawers for your accessories and jewelry
  • Two doors for your pendants or necklaces
  • A large mirror