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Glass Jewelry Box

The glass jewelry box has everything to please you

Whoever said that diamonds are a woman's best friend was only half right. No matter what the gentlemen say, it is the jewels in their great diversity that know how to seduce us and make us lose our footing. Admit it, ladies, it can be very dangerous, especially for our savings, to be left alone and without reference in a jewelry store! Jewelry and beautiful ornaments, we like to receive them as much as to offer them (and especially to offer them to ourselves). Much more than a simple fashion accessory, it is often the centerpiece of a successful look. But these little treasures are much more than just collectors' items. More than exhibiting any kind of wealth, it is often a story of the heart that they tell. So what could be more natural than to protect them under the bell of a robust glass case?

The advantages of glass to protect your jewels

As a material, glass has many advantages. Did you know that it is the most popular material in France? Is it a coincidence that Cinderella's slipper and the most expensive bottles of Saint-Emilion were made of this material? We will never know. What is certain is that it has many advantages. In addition to being recyclable and therefore ecological, it is impressively robust. Totally impermeable to both liquid and gas, it can be a protective element of extreme quality. Blown glass, polished glass or enameled glass, it offers a vast choice of colors and textures, which will inevitably find shoes to your feet (another nod to Cinderella). Wouldn't it be a good idea to take advantage of all these benefits to store your most precious belongings in it?

Choosing a glass jewelry box is choosing timelessness. As long as it is not broken, glass will not be damaged. It is able to survive the passage of time, perhaps even succeeding you. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other family heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations will be safer in such a reliable box! Your most beautiful ornaments will inevitably find a place there, waiting for the day to sparkle around your neck.

All the elegance is in the transparency

Crystal, glass also dazzles by its transparency. If this may seem insignificant, it is this characteristic that gives it a crazy charm. Sober, delicate and yet solid and resistant, we would all like to say the same! When you store your jewelry and other small wonders, they remain visible and apparent even in their case. This has several advantages. In addition to being simply very elegant, it also saves a lot of time.

With a glass or crystal jewelry box, you have much more than a simple utilitarian object, you have a real piece of decoration that will easily find a place or will shine and sublimate all interiors. Moreover, you will no longer need to search for hours in which box you had stored your signet ring (if like me you are a little scattered), you will see that it is really sensational to be able to find its precious finery at a glance!

Several models of glass jewelry boxes to satisfy you

At Marvelous Box, we offer several models of glass boxes to store your jewelry and other valuables. From the most classic rectangular boxes to those that dare complex shapes, they all have one thing in common. Combined with gold or brass metal, they are even more elegant. Some contain velvet storage for even more softness while others feature a mirror for an original visual aspect. Whatever choice you make, we're sure you won't regret it!

Modern, sober and practical, glass is perfect

Who hasn't bitterly regretted leaving their beautiful pair of pearl earrings on the edge of the bathroom cabinet only to find one more in the morning? Who hasn't already bitten their fingers at having let their pretty collection of bracelets oxidize, with which they loved to mix and match? A bit like the orphan sock, we have all experienced this syndrome of the missing jewel (that I am sure I put there)! Well, saying goodbye once and for all to this type of misadventure is the first good reason to invest in a jewelry box. Glass, crystal, leather or wood, the choice is yours, but don't leave your watches and other pendants lying around unattended. And ladies, your stainless steel chains deserve the same attention as sapphires, emeralds and other precious wedding rings.

But the glass jewelry box has that little extra something that the others don't. With its golden steel or brass finish, it is simple and refined, elegant, but also versatile, modern and timeless. Moreover, for those who are more old school oriented, our range of vintage jewelry boxes is waiting for you!

You will have understood that, in addition to being very solid and high quality cases to receive your most beautiful pieces, the glass jewelry boxes will also serve as stylish objects in your interior decoration, so you have no excuse not to succumb. Moreover, for a bit of originality, you can very well place small succulents in it, guaranteed wow effect!