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Girls Jewelry Box

Your little princess leaves her collection everywhere and you are invaded by pendants, chokers and other little barrettes? Then it's time to give her a box to store her jewelry. This one is passionate about horse riding or unicorns? You'll be sure to find what you're looking for in our range of jewelry boxes for girls. These ingeniously designed boxes can hold tiaras, ribbons and other shiny, multi-colored chains.


There is no particular age to take care of and organize your jewelry, whether you are very young or a little older, if you love your jewelry, you must take care of it.

That's why we offer a range of jewelry boxes for young girls, so that they too can do what older girls do: organize and store their jewelry collection that they cherish so much.

We will never forget the first jewels we were able to wear, for most of us at a very young age, often, they are sentimental objects, which have already passed through time and generations, and which we wanted to pass on to our loved ones. Other times, they are gifts, from the godmother, grandparents or close friends, treasures that we wished to acquire by seeing the princesses of the movies sublimated by magnificent ornaments. No matter their origin and the reasons that pushed us to desire these wonders, they are synonymous with unforgettable memories of our childhood.

Because we loved them so much, and we know what they will mean to our princesses, we would like to allow them to take perfect care of these sparkling pieces. they are valuable and should be maintained

Taking care of them means storing them in their proper place, and preferably in soft places like long rows made of velvet, so that no dust will disturb their sparkle.

Our Jewelry Boxes for Girls are designed to make your children want to store their treasures. Often original, sometimes girly, they are functional, pretty and using them becomes as pleasant as efficient, a real child's play! Chic, made of wood, unicorn or even pocket-sized to be able to take your little wonders everywhere with you, with or without little ears, there is a multitude of them. Elegant jewelry, jewels, watches, and even little secrets will be well kept. For births or birthdays, these girls' jewelry boxes are a great gift idea and are sure to be a hit!


The love of jewelry often begins at a young age. After seeing their mother or sister adorn themselves with glittering and sumptuous pieces, these young ladies quickly develop a taste for accessorizing their outfits with pretty costume jewelry. And we can only understand them. Our offspring are asserting their style and personality at a younger and younger age, encouraged by a new method of education, more positive and open, advocating self-acceptance and differences. Good for them. As a result, today we see our little ones mixing ring styles, accumulating fine necklaces and long necklaces or adorning themselves with pretty studded cuffs to be like the grown-ups. But then, if some jewels will be damaged very quickly (and we know it), some pieces are intended to last in time and we wish to take care of them as the apple of our eyes. It is often the case of bracelets and chains in precious metals for example. For those, nothing better than to store them preciously in Jewelry Boxes for Girls, original and functional, that these girls will take pleasure in showing to their friends.


Whether your daughter is a 6 year old child or a 15 year old teenager, you will find a Jewelry Box or a Jewelry Case that will be adapted to her in our collections.

Our Girls Jewelry Boxes showcase is divided into two sets: the Jewelry Boxes and the Jewelry Cases. The Jewelry Boxes are the medium size storage units that can have various shapes and the Jewelry Cases are smaller and have a more limited storage capacity, but are more easily transportable thanks to their lightness and dimensions.

If your daughter does not tend to move around with her jewelry collection, and you are simply looking for a storage space so that she does not leave her jewelry lying around, the most logical choice is the Jewelry Box. Available in a wide variety of materials (wood, leather, velvet, plastic and metal), shapes and sizes, a Girls Jewelry Box has plenty of storage capacity, which will suit any Girl, so she can take care of her very first collection of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Even if this collection is still very small and you don't see the point of getting her such a large storage, remember that as the years go by, your princess' collection will tend to get larger and larger.

Many of the jewelry boxes that make up the collection are also enchanting music boxes. So, while tidying up her already precious collection, your daughter will be able to enjoy the sweet notes of a melody played by her own Musical Jewelry Box, which can be activated with a small crank. Some models also have a beautiful ballerina, whose dance will fascinate your girl.

If you find the Jewelry Boxes too big for your daughter, or if they don't meet your little love's needs, our showcase also includes wonderful Jewelry Boxes. In a smaller size, they will be more suitable for girls with a collection with a smaller number of jewels, also promising them an ease to carry their jewelry. Despite their small size, the Girl Jewelry Boxes have a sufficient and consistent storage space, divided into several different compartments and storage. They are perfect for little girls who move from place to place with their treasures.


For many of us, wearing costume jewelry is almost a sacrilege. We love our jewelry, we have cherished it and it is out of the question to see our beautiful rings become blue and stain our skin because the quality is mediocre. For others on the other hand, opting for costume jewelry is a good way to treat ourselves without breaking the bank and without feeling too sick when one of our favorite earrings has gone missing. For our children too, apart from birthday gifts, christening gifts or other events where we will necessarily choose quality, costume jewelry is a good compromise between making our little girls smile and not emptying their wallets, knowing full well that they will damage or lose them sooner or later.

For the most careful of them, we wanted to give some tips to maintain rhinestone bracelets, gold jewelry and other ethnic ornaments. Ladies and girls, avoid the bathroom or at least put your objects in a jewelry box if you decide to store them in this room. Nothing is more dangerous for your costume jewelry than humidity. Rapid oxidation guaranteed! So we opt for a dry and cool place (yes, like the soft velvet lining of our pretty girls jewelry box for example).

This goes without saying, but if by chance we spend our vacations by the sea or near a swimming pool and we suddenly feel like taking a dip, we remember to remove our rings, earrings, anklets and other accessories beforehand. Moreover, we wait until we are completely dry before putting them on again. Do you know the little trick of the transparent varnish? This can save your jewelry and keep it looking great a little longer. Simply take the time to cover your accessories with a veil of transparent varnish and let it dry. Once it's dry, it acts as a protective layer, perfect to protect from perspiration for example and avoid seeing your skin turn greenish or blue. Do not hesitate to repeat the operation.

These few little tricks should allow the jewelry that your daughters love to see their life extended. It is also a good way to make them aware of simple maintenance gestures for later on. If there's one thing we haven't mentioned and it applies to all jewelry, it's regularly wiping with a soft cloth and a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the most inaccessible corners.


Timeless storage but all too often forgotten on important occasions, the Girl's Jewelry Box can be a gift that your Girl will not soon forget.

Always mimicking their elders, girls may not even know it themselves but they would love to have fun arranging their jewelry one by one in a lavish Women's Jewelry Box. A fun activity that might even get your princess to be more organized, simply by storing her few pieces of jewelry in appropriate compartments and slots.

Whether it's your daughter, your granddaughter, your niece, your cousin, a friend's daughter, she will be amazed when she receives her first jewelry box, and you can be sure that the feeling she will get when she puts her jewelry in this beautiful box will become one of those memories that you never forget.

More than just an activity that will enchant them, a jewelry box is of course an accessory whose practicality is often praised. Every girl is unique, but some have one thing in common: they are "airheads". At a young age, this is not especially a flaw, but for their jewelry, it can be another story. That's why storing their jewelry in an adapted storage such as a Jewelry Box or a Jewelry Case is very practical, even at a young age (and it would certainly also allow us to avoid a few tears following misplaced jewelry).

If your teenager already has grown-up tastes and glitter and little hearts are no longer her thing, or if you are looking for something to store your own jewelry, it is among our collection of Jewelry Box For Women