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Earring Holder

The earring holder, the perfect place to store everything

The jewelry holder is a great accessory to organize your jewelry collection at home. Versatile, it can be used to store and organize your jewelry, or as a decorative object in its own right. For earrings, it can be a valuable ally.

Choose an earring holder adapted to your needs

In terms of choice of earrings, the variety is important: hanging silver earrings or small stainless steel or platinum hoop earrings, tassels, small gold chips or large XXL rings and other discreet diamonds ... if the choice is not simple, the earring holder will allow you to at least store all the varieties without ever taking the head.

The offer in terms of jewelry storage is also immense and it can happen that we do not know what to choose. The primary function of the earring holder remains that of organizing your accessories wisely. They are also designed to beautifully showcase them and save you precious time in the morning, finding the pair you need right away without having to go through all the drawers and compartments of your jewelry boxes. If you don't want to argue with the jewelers, we say goodbye to the little tote box that sits on your bedside table and hello to the jewelry display with many hooks, which will support your objects safely and preserve their beautiful shine.

Thus suspended, your most beautiful jewels will be safe from rubbing and other small shocks that can, by dint of force, accelerate the aging of your beautiful pieces. In the same category we sometimes find busts or small mannequins which, more than real jewelry storage, are mainly used to highlight a particular piece. This makes them not very functional when compared to the often very original accessory stands.

Wooden, metal or on a stand, if you want advice on how to choose your jewelry holder, first identify the objects you want to hang on it. In some cases a ring holder can be enough, in others not. If your space is very limited and your furniture is already full of all kinds of decorative objects, the choice of a wall-mounted jewelry holder can be an effective alternative. It might also be a good time to sort out your decoration, because these jewelry holders can be very trendy and become a key piece of your decoration. See our Metal Deer Jewelry Holder, the design of this display will elegantly sublimate a Scandinavian interior, what more could you ask for! Jewelry tree or display stands on feet, we can still say that the earring holders are really not bad.

Now that your earrings are properly organized and displayed, it's time to get busy with the rest of your outfit! Rings, bracelets and necklaces, the jewelry holder fits everything! Pairs of earrings, necklaces and bracelets that get tangled up are now a thing of the past! For the ladies who want to play the security card more than the decoration card, the jewelry trees will certainly be more adapted. With a storage drawer, a compartment and a moisture-proof seal, we say hello to comfort and bye bye to oxidation.