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Braclelet Holder

Organize your bracelets with a bracelet holder: the right idea!

Chains, cuffs, bracelets, today we find all kinds of bracelets, declined to infinity. They can be silver, fancy, set with precious stones, engraved, with the effigy of a little unicorn or designed to please our little princesses. You have understood, the bracelet is able to seduce individuals of all ages and all backgrounds. And it's actually pretty awesome, with it you can push your rock style to the limit with studs or your bohemian side with colored beads, in short, it is infinitely exploitable.

It's also great that it can become a problem, because this panoply of various and varied wrist jewels, you still have to put it away (yes, yes, do it if you don't want to put yourself at the back of jewelers and jewelers)! For this, there is no lack of solutions. We already know very well the jewelry boxes composed of multiple drawers and velvet cushions bringing a hell of a comfort or the compartmentalized jewelry boxes able to store everything. But they are not the only adapted display units. The bracelet holder and more generally the jewelry holder prove to be alternatives that are as practical as they are original and decorative in terms of jewelry storage.

Thus, each of your treasures is exposed to the eyes of all, within reach and yet perfectly safe, well preserved. Just like jewelry, you can find jewelry of all shapes and for all tastes. Whether they are made of brass, fabric, porcelain or ceramic for the most precious, the trick is to find one that will fit your jewelry collection. Once chosen, it will quickly become the perfect jewelry holder!

Organize and store with bracelet holders

At Marvelous Box, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to storing your jewelry, so we won't tolerate any excuses! Fans of compartmentalized boxes of all kinds will undoubtedly find their happiness among our collection of jewelry boxes. Those who prefer the hanging solution and who like to be able to keep their accessories without hiding them will be thrilled with the bracelet holder option. The Face, Eye or Luxury bracelet holders should seduce decorating addicts with their pure design and natural elegance. Even empty, they are real trendy little objects to place on your dressers with pride. The most organized among you will undoubtedly appreciate the Heart Wall Bracelet Holder or the Dressing Room Jewelry Holder, a perfect combination of sobriety and efficiency. Both are a great solution for those who are short on space but still need storage. Not being on feet, one can be hung on the wall while the other can be hung in your closet, ingenious isn't it?

To select them, the idea is not to take into account only the aesthetic aspect. The height, the material and the functionality are equally important. Many of you don't dare to take the plunge, arguing that the jewelry holder doesn't protect the accessories from dust and moisture. But that was before. Now, some models offer dedicated storage spaces AND a protective glass case, perfect thanks to its transparent side. So there will be room even for the biggest pieces of your collections like quartz or automatic watches. With them, your silver, gold or even platinum chains will be safely stored away from oxidation problems. What to delight the most demanding. Whatever your personality, we are sure that these small displays and jewelry holders will seduce you. The hardest part will be choosing, as always when it comes to jewelry! These objects are also very good gift ideas, original and useful, so there is little chance that you will make a mistake if you offer it to a jewelry addict. Goodbye to the rings that clash, the chains that get tangled and the earrings that disappear. Hello to the organized, maintained and preserved collection! We can't say it enough, but it's so much easier to resist temptation once you've given in to it...

After your bracelets, you may need to store your signet rings, wedding rings, gold rings and other rings on a suitable display? Visit our collection of ring holders and let yourself be seduced by the multitude of possibilities.