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women's jewelry box

women's jewelry box

The charm of our beautiful Jewelry Boxes will enrich your treasures for a quintessence never seen. Marvelous Box's avant-garde spirit will make your luxury jewelry a true marvel within these refined Jewelry Boxes and Cases. Your precious silver or gold jewelry will retain the brilliance and purity.

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jewelry box for men

Honor your precious jewels by offering them an adapted Storage. Discover our sublime collections of Leather, Wood and Glass jewelry boxes designed for Men. Your watches, cuff-links, rings and other jewelry for men will have a place of choice in the velvet compartments of our Jewelry Boxes.

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jewelry box for girls

Make every little girl happy with a gift they won't soon forget. Our little heart-shaped, round or rectangular Jewelry Boxes will seduce all young girls. Your princess will be able to treasure the jewelry you gave her as well as her little secrets. Decorated with a fairy dancer and accompanied by music .

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Vegan Leather

Driven by the causes that are important to us, we do not use any animal materials. Our vegan leather has a look identical to the real thing. This imitation leather makes it possible to have a jewelry box as elegant while preserving the animals. The imitation leather is the best solution to support the animal cause with us.

Sustainable Wood

We are particularly keen on keeping the craft alive by offering handmade wooden jewelry boxes. They are made with particular attention to every detail. A symbol of refinement and luxury, solid wood and raw wood are distinguished by their exceptional finish.


These Jewelry Storage units are the result of the creative spirit of the designers and the know-how of the craftsmen. A work of delicacy, always in search of perfection to offer you exceptional Jewelry Boxes, displays and jewelry holders that will change your life.

It's time to protect your jewelry collection in a beautiful box!
If you have a large collection of pendants and necklaces, we recommend that you look for large boxes. They are often equipped with dedicated storage space to keep your necklaces tidy.

Most of the boxes we offer have a variety of slots for rings, hoops and earrings. Some storage boxes have drawers with removable compartments that fit your needs, perfect when you need to store bracelets, cosmetics or costume jewelry.

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